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New Dentures & Denture Repairs

At WestEnd Denture, we can fabricate anything to do with dentures and oral prosthetics. From the initial impressions to ensuring a comfortable fit, we handle every step at our location in Peterborough. Your satisfaction is our first priority and our service is focused on that fact.


Besides administering new dentures, we also provide complete repair and reline services. Don’t wait until your dentures have become uncomfortable or unusable; contact us today to schedule an appointment.


We Offer Affordable Solutions

Because of our ability to customize our products in-house, we can take your personal needs and budget into consideration. We understand that the most expensive option is not always the best option.


Mouth Guards

Keep your teeth protected with a custom fit mouth guard. These guards are great for any contact sport and offer greater protection versus generic, store-bought products.


Teeth Whitening

Bring out your best smile with our fast and professional teeth whitening services.



Schedule an appointment with our denturist.

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